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Unit 2: Helping Other People

Your homework for unit 2 will be due on June 10th 2016.

Year 7 Unit 2: Helping other people
1. aid: v. to help someone, especially in the form of money, food, equipment, etc.; same meaning: assist
2. care: v. to feel interested in or worry about someone or something; looking after a person or thing
3. donate: v. to give something to a person or an organization that needs help
4. help/assist: v. to do something for someone; n. someone or something that makes things easier or better for someone else
5. hope: v. to want something to happen and to think it probably will happen; n. someone or something that could make everything happen as you want it to
6. hunger: n. the feeling of wanting or needing to eat
7. join: v. to become a member of a group; to connect or fasten things together, to come together; meet; to go and do something together with someone else
8. offer: v. to let someone know you are willing to help them or give them something
9. permanent: adj. continuing for a long time or for always
10. poverty: n. when someone is poor
11. problem: n. a difficult situation or person that you must deal with
12. provide/give: v. to give something to someone
13. starve: v. to die of hunger
14. suffer: v. to be in pain or trouble
15. sympathy: n. a feeling of understanding and support for someone's hurt or unhappiness
16. team: n. a group of people who play games against other groups; a group that works together on something
17. temporary: adj. existing or happening for a short time only; compare: permanent
18. trouble: n. difficulty, worry, sadness, or pain
19. volunteer: n. a person who offers to do something without being paid and without having to do it
20. willing: adj. being ready or having a desire to

Here is your learning journal for unit 2.

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