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Unit 1: Free Time

Welcome to Unit 1. In this unit we will learn about hobbies and free time activities.
We will also study "ing" words called gerunds. 

spelling words for unit 1

Year 7 Unit 1: Free time
1. art: n. the study of drawing and painting; an activity that you need skill to do
2. be: v. to show that something is happening now; used with other verbs to show that something happens to a person or thing; used to say that someone or something exists
3. collect: v. to gather or put things together; to come to take someone or something away
4. detail: n. one fact or piece of information about something
5. do: v. to perform an action or a job
6. exercise: v. physical activity that you do to stay strong; n. questions that to help students practice something
7. favorite: adj. liked best of all
8. game: n. a sport or activity that has rules, in which you play against another person or team in order to win
9. go: v. to move or travel somewhere
10. interest: n. a wish to know more about something; something you do because you enjoy it; same meaning: hobby; extra money earned by keeping money in the bank
11. like: v. to enjoy something, or think that someone or something is pleasant
12. listen: v. to try to hear
13. play: v. to take part in sports, games and other activities; to make sounds on a musical instrument; to act as a character in a play or film; n. a story performed in a theatre, on the radio, etc.; n. activity done for enjoyment by children
14. poem: n. a piece of writing with regular lines
15. read: v. to compare words and understand them
16. swim: v. to move through water by using your legs and arms
17. take: v. to pick something up and hold it or carry it, to move something away
18. talk: v. to say things to someone
19. walk: v. to move forward by putting one foot in front of the other
20. watch: n. a small clock that you wear on your wrist; v. to keep looking at something carefully, compare: watch and see

 Learning Journal for unit 1

page 1

page 2

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