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Homework Log and Instructions

This page contains helpful tips for parents and students to ensure that IEP homework is being completed fully and accurately. Below you can find downloadable scans of the Homework Log, where students and parents can track completed homework for each unit of the course. There is also a scan of the instruction on how to access the IEP Homework database. Homework is due at the end of every unit. (every 2 weeks) If a student submits homework late, there is a deduction of 5 points. 

Homework Log

Homework Instructions
I strongly encourage parents and students to download these documents and place them into your students IEP folder to ensure that your students homework is being completed in a timely manner. There is also the issue of verifying that homework has been completed. Many students have claimed that they have completed the homework and it is not registered on the IEP database. We all know that computer systems can fail, so I strongly suggest to my students and parents that they keep an electronic copy of their completed homework on a flash/thumb drive. (which all students should have as part of their normal school materials)  Once the homework is completed, students click on the "next" or "submit" button to get the score results of the homework. Just copy and paste those results into a word document and save it to the flash drive. If you need assistance with this please contact me.   


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