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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Homework website is ready to use!

Students the homework website is ready for you to use!

Please click on this link:

or you can click on the "Grade 7 homework" link to the right.

Then click on "Login"

 Please enter your password and username very carefully!

If you have any problems please come to see me!

Once you are inside the website, click on "English year 7"

Scroll down to where it says:

26 May - 1 June

Semester 1 Week 3

 Here you will see your 5 homework assignments. click on each one and follow the instructions carefully.

remember to click "next" or "submit" each time! 

You will see your score after you finish each assignment. 

Your homework is due on June 2nd 2014.

Good luck! If you have any questions please ask me!

T. Darryl


  1. Students if you are having a problem with the unit 1 homework "timing out" and then it wont let you do it again, don't worry you will not get a zero, I talked to T. David and he will fix the problem as soon as he can.

    thanks, T. Darryl

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